Dear loving customer, Quantum Bliss believe in the ‘Universal Law of Reciprocation’, when you enjoy shopping at Quantum Bliss, 5% of your purchase will be contributed to 1Humanity Team.

“1Humanity Team is a 100% voluntary and 100% not-for-profit organization. 1HumanityTeam has conducted seminars & training of close to 200 sessions, eg. NLP, Reiki, Energy Medicine, Pranic Healing, Effective Parenting, Effective Learning, Children Camp etc as of 1/3/2011. Till March 2011, 1HumanityTeam has donated more than RM300,000.00 to various charities, eg. Tzu Chi, SPCA, various schools & old folk homes. Recently, 1HumanityTeam is in the process of building a spiritual & educational lighthouse – Pencil Academy;  based upon LOHAS principles on a 2.6 acre green land in Machang Bubok (expected completion Y2013).”

1Humanity Team welcomes the joy and bliss to share Universal Laws & passion with anyone & organization as their chosen way of ‘Paying It Forward’! ~ Tan Kok Kuang – Founder of 1HumanityTeam

Feel free to visit for more information and events updates!

“Miracles happen, not in opposition to Nature, but in opposition to what we ‘know’ of nature.” – St. Augustine